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In this online course you will learn

not only how to track macros but you will also learn how to determine your own caloric needs based on your goal. 

From weight loss to muscle gain to even learning how to maintain your success once you've hit your goal, this course will teach you how to take your journey into your own hands!

Macro tracking is something that is a lifelong tool. While it's not something you need to do forever, learning the ins and outs of it will teach you how to eat within your caloric means, what portion sizes really look like and how to maintain your success for a lifetime!

You will learn how to track food to meet your macro goals, how to set your own macros and so much more!


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By learning the ways of macro tracking, you gain control over your weight loss journey. Learn how to navigate weight loss, muscle gain and even maintaining your weight loss once you've hit your goal!

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